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After barely surviving Hurricane Katrina, a Mississippi senator and his son find themselves in the eye of another powerful storm. When the senator’s son is suddenly accused of attempted murder, a high-profile legal battle threatens to destroy the careers of both men. In All Rise, author Patricia Daspit takes the reader directly into the dramatic courtroom sessions as well as behind the scenes into the private lives of the accused and his accuser. During the trial, new details about the victim’s nefarious past come to light, causing everyone to question the credibility of the victim’s original testimony. But the defendant is also harboring a significant secret from his past. Will the truth prevail? Who is lying? This exciting he said, she said page-turner will keep the reader guessing right up to the surprising end.

Readers of any age or gender will enjoy this intriguing crime mystery, which unfolds along the Mississippi Gulf Coast during the immediate aftermath of the most powerful hurricane in U.S. history.

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