Friday, October 14, 2011


What is a healed helper? This picture perfectly portrays a beautiful, symbolic rendition of a healed helper. Look carefully at the picture. Do you see that the woman appears to have been captured in a mild whirl-wind? Notice the beautiful roses. It seems the woman is standing in the midst of a rose garden. And, take particular notice of the three butterflies flitting about her in this magical scene.

Let’s take each symbol separately to explain how they all fit together in this mystical garden.

First, the beautiful roses. Priscilla believes that each woman was created by God to represent beauty, while man was created to represent strength. Childhood wounding distorts our beauty, as well as weakening the male, before we can develop into the beautiful, strong creatures we were created to become. Instead of growing into our calling, our life’s purpose, we become “withered” by our dysfunctional childhoods. Therefore, early on we become a “blighted rose”. Healing of those devastating wounds replenishes and restores our beauty and strength.

The butterfly has long symbolized “transformation”. The ugly caterpillar enters the cocoon to eventually emerge as the colorful butterfly. This process is commonly known as metamorphasis. As wounded individuals enter into an emotional healing process for their wounded souls, they will one day emerge as the colorful, fluttering butterfly.

Finally, the whirl-wind typically symbolizes spinning, feeling dizzy and confused, moving through a quick succession of events, or experiencing a difficult time. All these characterizes are involved in the often tumultuous healing process the transformation.

Since this entire mini-series has been presented from Priscilla’s perspective, this final installment shall follow that same format. For this reason, our references to a healed helper will use the third-person pronouns of she, her, etc. Please keep in mind that a healed helper can be male or female. Gender is not what’s important. It’s the experiential knowledge of the individual that really makes the difference when one attempts to reach out with a helping hand to a hurting person.

Before an individual can become a “healed helper” she must first endure the frightening whirl-wind which will probably spin her around in a confused, sometimes dizzy state through each step of the healing process. Eventually, she must necessarily enter the cocoon where the deepest, most difficult part of the overall process takes place. As she struggles to remove herself from the confines of the cocoon, her wings are strengthened by the struggle. Once she is able to split the cocoon’s wall and wiggle herself free, she is ready to emerge as a very different creature. The colorful butterfly is finally freed to fly away, leaving the ugliness of the cocoon behind. As the butterfly takes flight, the previously blighted rose-blossom suddenly rejuvenates and fully opens to reveal its’ restored beauty, as if to smile at the initial flight of the new creation the butterfly.

Although this deep inner healing of childhood wounds is a painful, frightening process, this picture depicts the genuine beauty that can come from the pain. Before we say good-bye to the woman in the picture, let’s examine what it means to be a healed helper.

A healed helper is a person who has first taken full responsibility for all her bad choices in her adult life. She has been awakened to the fact that she is in life exactly where she has chosen to be. However, she has made a free-will decision to learn to practice new behavior patterns by consciously making better choices for herself.

She is a person who has deliberately become enlightened as to the powerful effect her childhood experience has had on her adult life. This enlightenment was harvested first by a free-will decision to revisit her childhood, and then to confront all the unresolved issues buried deep within her psyche.

She is a person who has learned to “forgive” and to “let go” of all her excess baggage.

Finally, she is one who uses all the hard-earned enlightenment to redefine herself in a more authentic manner.                                              


A healed helper is not someone who “has it all together” and no longer feels challenged in those areas of past wounding. She will continue to struggle in those same areas. However, since she is consciously aware of all the familiar “pit-falls”, she quickly recognizes the “need” to struggle in a given area of her soul. Before the enlightenment, she didn’t see the flashing caution-lights. Consequently, she simply made a free-fall into the dark pit, time and time again. Shown in this light, one can easily see that struggle is actually a good thing. It denotes awareness as well as a willingness to change.


First, a healed helper has learned to discern in others the same destructive tendencies she has struggled with herself. Consequently, she can speak with the afflicted person through a voice of experience.

She offers comfort to the hurting person through a sincere willingness to listen. That old saying, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care,” is absolutely true. Simply being willing to listen to a person in pain is the best medicine one can administer.

If we possessed the reasoning skills to reach out to one another in love at an early age like these two adorable babies have done we wouldn’t need healed helpers!


A healed helper should never present herself as an authority on anything. While she can speak with a sense of authority regarding her personal experiences, she must realize that we all react differently to the same stimulus.

She should never judge any individual for his/her personal reaction to their particular situation.

Being ever mindful of our individuality, she should never advise anyone to follow hard and fast rules of behavior.

In conclusion, if you remember nothing else from this entire mini-series, please remember this one last admonition: Never say, “Well, that’s just the way I am.” You chose to be the way you are while you were under the subconscious influence of unrecognized, unhealed emotional wounds, You can choose to be different to be better. It’s never too late to change your mind about who you are who you want to become. You can choose to redefine yourself.

The choice is yours!