Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Book Signing Big Success!!!

Monday, October 25th, 2010 was my first book-signing event for my new novel, All Rise.  It was a huge success!  It lasted over eight hours.  I got to meet and talk with a lot of nice people.  Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event very exciting and successful. 

I hope the reader will take 30 seconds to watch the trailer for All Rise.  Just click on the words "All Rise Book Trailer" to the top right of this post.


  1. I had a great time at your book signing! Glad to hear it went well.

  2. Pat, You did great at your first book signing. I was proud to be at your side. It was a great venue to get your face out to the reading public. I feel sure that all of those people who bought your book will be spellbound. I know that I was. I can't wait for the future books you will be writing. You go girl!

  3. I'm so happy it went well for you Pat!!! Can't wait to read your next one and then your next one and well you get the idea. ;)