Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Three "P's" Principle

As I picked up my pen to write about one of my favorite topics -- creativity --  the principle of the three "P's" immediately came to mind.  What is the Three "P's" Principle?  Well, just read on as I happily explain my premise.

Creativity is all about activity.  It's the act of giving life to something one wishes to create.  First, all forms of creativity must be assigned a purpose.  The purpose for the creation could be derived from a multitude of functions.  When I exercise my current favorite form of creativity, which is writing, my purpose is usually to entertain, to inform or to influence.  Actually, my writing is generally driven by all three of the aforementioned purposes.  I strive to inform and influence at the same time that, hopefully, the reader is being entertained by a good ole "whodunit" crime mystery.

Once one has determined the purpose for the creative endeavor, it must then pass the passion test.  If the creator lacks passion for the chosen purpose, the creation will most certainly lack lustre, vitality, even significance.  Creativity without passion would probably evoke nothing more than a veiled yawn as the onlooker quickly moves away to something more inspiring.

However, if one is fully engaged by passion, the creator then steps forward with power to fulfill the purpose for his or her chosen form of creativity.  Did you see it all come together like a delicate hand slipping into a protective glove, then picking up a powerful hammer?  When purpose, passion and power come together as one, the end result could be magnificent.  Of course, intrinsic talent and/or skill would necessarily be required to create genuine magnificence.  But without the three "P's" there would be no driving force to propel one to effectively create their particular brand of creativity.  While none of us can be assured that our creation will be successful, we can all strive to produce something of significance.  Otherwise, why bother?

What am I saying?  Or better yet, why am I writing about my personal convictions concerning creativity?  I suppose I'm doing it because I've encountered many people, who upon learning that I've recently published my first book, tell me that they would like to write a book themselves.  As a new author, I feel somewhat compelled to share my personal experience.  While I could never claim to be an authority on this subject, I can merely share parts of my unique journey from "desire" to "fulfillment".

For me, the desire was first birthed by my purpose.  I am a woman who had been severely emotionally wounded by my childhood experience.  Until I was brought to a full awareness, which led to a deep understanding of these unhealed emotional wounds, they literally controlled my life without my knowledge.  I found myself led from one failure to the next.  Once I finally sought and found healing of these hidden unresolved issues, I found myself with a burning passion to inform other unsuspecting victims of what I had discovered.  I began to write symbolic short stories hoping to first inform and then influence other people in my circle to seek the same healing for their own wounded souls.

Once purpose merged with passion, power gradually surfaced.  I slowly discovered that I did posses the power to overcome my doubts. . . . to push past my lack of confidence and an intense fear of rejection.  Regardless of the pitfalls, I had to at least try.  And, so I did!

This blog site shall be used as a vessel to reach out to other aspiring authors.  By sharing some of the details of my own journey, I hope to not only inform and influence my readers, but also to inspire someone out there in cyberspace to pick up the gauntlet and go for it!

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