Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All Rise Released Today!

Today is the day I have waited for most of my adult life, even though I didn’t know I was waiting!

I’ve always loved to read. I remember walking to the local library when I was still a little girl, checking out as many books as they would allow. I particularly loved mysteries. Always have … probably always will. Naturally, when I decided to give birth to my life-long dream of becoming an author, I chose this genre to use as my voice. As long as I spin a suspenseful story of mystery , I can include any other subject that tugs at my heart, asking to be heard.

Currently, the topic tugging at my heart the hardest is childhood wounds. Most of us are wounded in some way in our childhoods. Even though the inflictions were probably “unintentional”, they are nonetheless damanging to our young psyches in a way we may never fully understand. However, if we don’t find a way to unearth these wounds and seek necessary healing from them, they will control and shape our lives without our knowledge.

But enough of that for now. I hope you’ll purchase my “first” book. And, I’m hopeful that you’ll learn something useful as the mystery entertains you.