Monday, December 6, 2010


Since it is my belief that most holiday-minded people really don’t want to read anything too deep or that may cause one to become self-reflective during this super-busy time of the year, I thought I’d use this post for a more holiday-conscious purpose I’ll promote my book as a great Christmas gift!

Seriously, All Rise would make a wonderful gift for anyone who reads fiction. Since its’ release in May of this year, I’ve received many constructive comments from varied readers both men and women, different age groups and locals as well as non-locals.

The following is a representative summary of those helpful remarks I’ve received from thoughtful readers who took the time to communicate with me regarding my book, All Rise.

  • It captures one’s attention from the very first chapter and continues to hold the reader’s interest all the way through to the end.
  • It’s an easy read that flows well while maintaining its’ suspenseful edge.
  • While most readers really liked the way in which the book ended, not one of those readers successfully guessed the ending before reading it.
  • Many readers commented that they loved the local flavor as well as the descriptive details of what it was like to live in the Louisiana/Mississippi gulf coast region after the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina.

Even though I am naturally highly prejudiced by the fact that I am the book’s author, I still highly recommend All Rise as a thoughtful gift for almost anyone on your Christmas list.

If you'd like to purchase a signed copy (priced at $20) for a special person on your list, or for yourself, click on the "Contact Me" tab at the top of this web-page.  As soon as I receive your request, I'll immediately get the book(s) right out to you.

Hope you have a bountifully blessed Christmas season !!!

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Willing To Be Misunderstood

    I’m about to do something I’ve never done before  which is to publicly write about my health challenges. Unfortunately, I have a long history with auto-immune disorders. My first diagnosis was Myofascial Pain Syndrome. A few years later it was Fibromyalgia. Five or so years after that I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. More recently, the diagnosis has been Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). In my opinion, CFS is the “end-all” of the multitude of non-life-threatening auto-immune diseases. In other words, if you have a history of having to battle life’s “normal” challenges while coping with a compromised immune system at the same time, you will eventually end up in the deep, dark medical-pit called CFS. Now, I’m no doctor. I’m merely speaking from my own life experiences.

    What gave me the courage to speak on this subject publicly was a USA Today article that was lovingly brought to my attention by my super-supportive husband. This article is about the author of the bestselling non-fiction book recently made into a movie about a long forgotten, sweet-natured race horse, named Seabiscuit. This inspiring story of the underdog race horse gave hope to thousands of Americans during the Great Depression. This esteemed first-published-book author, Laura Hillenbrand, has been house-bound for the past ten years due to a quite serious bout with the mysterious disease dubbed CFS. Despite her condition Ms. Hillenbrand became a shooting star in the publishing world. The article describes this author‘s difficult circumstances by saying, “CFS, a mysterious and debilitating malady with a trivial-sounding name, has turned the 43 year-old into an unwilling recluse, a modern-day Emily Dickinson.”

    This article goes on to introduce her newly-released non-fiction book, Unbroken. Ms. Hillenbrand’s second book is about an Olympic runner and WWII bombardier who survived his plane being shot down over the Pacific and then being held captive by the Japanese. During his captivity, Louis Zamperini was continually beaten and starved. The author stated she could truly relate to his pain and suffering during his captivity.
    In the case of Ms. Hillenbrand, CFS has so debilitated her body that she cannot leave her home. All her interviews are conducted by telephone or emails. Mr. Zamperini has held 75 lengthy interviews with the author, yet he has never met her in person. Reportedly, Hillenbrand is able to type on a key-board but cannot read a book because looking down exacerbates her vertigo one of the many symptoms of this condition.

    Ms. Hillenbrand speaks about her passion to write by saying, “I have an illness I cannot defeat, so I’m interested to see how other people have endured great hardship.” And, finally, she stated the following about what suffering has taught her, “I would never say ‘Thank God I got CFS.’ But, yes, suffering can make you more compassionate.”

    Why am I writing about Laura Hillenbrand? I’m not sure. However, I suppose it’s partly because I can instantly identify with her plight. She’s an author and she suffers from CFS. The fact that she’s a highly successful author who has endured this mysterious, trivial-sounding condition since 1987 seems to impart something to me that I obviously hunger for validation.

    CFS was recognized as a disease in 1988 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet it’s cause remains unknown and there is no known cure. It’s also known as Chronic Fatigue & Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS). Because there is no scientific test to determine the validity of this disease and there is currently no known cure, some sufferers like myself are prone to feel weird, weak even ashamed of ourselves. I occasionally feel as though I have something akin to leprosy! Some shameful thing that simply must be hidden from the outside world.

    The USA Today article published a very nice, recent author’s photo of the 43 year-old Ms. Hillenbrand. In this picture she looks as healthy as a “horse” (pun intended since Laura dearly loves horses). That’s another part of the problem of being diagnosed with CFS. There are absolutely no visible signs of just how much the normal, healthy-looking person may be privately suffering.

    Whenever I go out, people tell me how great I look. I believe they are being sincere because I don’t go out of the house unless I feel well enough to look my best. Some people in my circle of friends and associates think I’m faking being sick so I won’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. So I can say, “I’m sorry. I can’t attend that social event because I don’t feel well.” or “I’d love to have you over to my house but I’m just not up to it.” What my circle is never permitted to see once they’ve just seen me out and about looking fine and appearing to be perfectly healthy - is the huge “crash I routinely experience after any social outing. During these crashes I literally cannot lift my head off the sofa. And, it’s not because I’m so “fatigued”. It’s because I am in excruciating pain and feeling as though I’ve just come down with a terrible case of the flu.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but what CFS means to me is extreme pain all over my body, a sense of imbalance, vertigo, nausea, sleep problems, severe brain fog and confusion, poor powers of concentration, headaches, earaches, alternating feelings of fever with chills or hot flashes, varying levels of anxiety, and, finally, depression. Consequently, the way that I’ve come to understand this mysterious condition is to realize that every single bodily function requires energy. Blinking one’s eyes uses a certain amount of energy. When your body literally becomes “stuck in a never-ending energy-depleting loop of fighting auto-immune dysfunctions, all the body’s energy is expended and thus depleted. The afflicted person has no energy reserves to call upon. Therefore, a simple luncheon with friends or an hour of routine housework can burn up all the body’s available energy. The end result can be what Laura Hillenbrand was quoting as saying, “Sometimes it hurts to move my eyes.” That’s the overwhelming characteristic of CFS to me unexplained, extreme pain all over the body.

    In my preceding post I applauded the huge success of my first book-signing event. After much behind-the-scenes preparation, I was able to “meet and greet” all the people who appeared at my table to purchase my book. I stayed at my post for almost nine hours without a meaningful break. To me, that was nothing short of a miracle!

    Part of the behind-the-scenes preparation was that my best friend, Linda, was at my side ready to take my place if I needed to remove myself from the event. Also, my always supportive and very wise husband stood nearby to oversee everything and to lend a hand if and when he was needed. Without my husband and Linda, I don’t think I would have had the courage to attempt to conduct such an energy-depleting occasion. Thankfully, all went wonderfully well.

    During the weeks following the book-signing, several concerned, loving friends commented to me on how well I held up for the event. However, what they didn’t see was the ugly aftermath! No one but my husband had the opportunity to witness the devastation inflicted upon my body by that festive event. Yes, it was certainly a miracle. But even miracles sometimes come at a high price.

    Again, why am I writing about this? I’ve managed to sort through my emotions and have narrowed it down to two primary purposes. First, as already stated, I felt marvelously “validated” by reading about a successful author who suffers from the same condition as myself. And, secondly, I felt extremely “encouraged” by reading about Laura Hillenbrand. Her case is much more serious than mine. Yet she has chosen to be “powerful” not “pitiful”. Even though CFS has caused her to become a suffering prisoner, much like the subject of her new book, she doesn’t allow it to keep her down. She can’t overcome her disease nor can she ignore it. Nonetheless, she has chosen to work around it without allowing the disease to stop her from pursuing her passion.

    I too have chosen to become powerful. I choose to pursue my passion. I choose to follow the wonderful example Ms. Hillenbrand has set for overcoming life’s difficulties through the power of passion. Let’s all band together and move forward toward our purpose with the power of our passion. How divine!

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    First Book Signing Big Success!!!

    Monday, October 25th, 2010 was my first book-signing event for my new novel, All Rise.  It was a huge success!  It lasted over eight hours.  I got to meet and talk with a lot of nice people.  Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event very exciting and successful. 

    I hope the reader will take 30 seconds to watch the trailer for All Rise.  Just click on the words "All Rise Book Trailer" to the top right of this post.

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Good News? or Bad News?

    If your inner spirit agrees with my previous post (Pitiful? or Powerful?), then you are prepared to move forward with me to the next level … personal empowerment. However, if you choose to regularly bathe yourself in the pool of self-pity, you will continue to present yourself dressed in the very unattractive garments of “pitifulness”. Is that what you really want?

    Let’s go directly to the primary point of this post. Here’s the good news: Everything that happened to you in childhood was not your fault. As a little child you were absolutely powerless to stop any form of abuse … be it physical, emotional or sexual. Nonetheless, as an adult it is wholly your responsibility to seek the necessary healing your damaged psyche requires.

    Now the possible bad news: As an adult it is wholly your responsibility to seek the necessary healing your damaged psyche requires.

    So, which is it to you … good or bad news? Ultimately, I learned to see this as great news. But, I will admit, it did take some time to turn my thinking around. Allow me to pull back the curtain a little more on myself in order to give a personality to my premise.

    I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional home because both my parents did as well. Due to their own severely damaged psyches, Mom and Dad’s emotional energy was completely depleted by their own unresolved issues. Consequently, I often felt like the “invisible child”. I was the compliant one. I tried to please everyone and not make any waves. As a result, I pretty much went unnoticed by both parents. I had only one sibling – an older sister. She was the rebel-rouser and made as many waves as my parents were able to handle. Even though it certainly was negative attention, she got all there was to get, while I went virtually unnoticed.

    At the age of five, I was sexually molested by a distant uncle. My budding personality began to change. Unfortunately, no one noticed. As a result, no one came to my rescue. Consequently, I became convinced that I was “on my own” in this world. I longed for someone to put their arms around me and offer some form of comfort. But, no one did.

    After a while I learned to comfort myself. How? Through self-pity. When the emotional pain became too intense, I would withdraw and isolate myself so that I could turn on the self-pity faucet full blast to quickly fill my tub to overflowing. Then I would immerse myself in that toxic tub and cry until I was emotionally depleted. As I did this over and over again, it soon became addictive. Whenever I needed a fix, I’d withdraw and isolate in order to start the whole cycle over again.

    Referring back to this post’s initial good news statement – none of the aforementioned was my fault. I didn’t choose my family-of-origin. And, I didn’t seduce my uncle into molesting me. Nor did I have the personal power to stop him at the tender age of five years old. But, if my wounded psyche would ever experience healing, it was my responsibility to seek the necessary enlightenment in order to put the process in motion. No one else could do this for me … or for you.

    Let’s dissect the word “responsibility” as it applies to our topic. This word is actually a combination of two other words. Response and ability. A situation exists that requires a “response” from someone who possesses the “ability” to do so.

    What are “unresolved issues” from childhood? This phrase refers to the “inner conflict” that lies hidden in your psyche … your very soul. Once again I’ll use my experience to flesh this out. As a child, my circumstances taught me to believe that I was unlovable. Yet my intellect told me that I was supposed to be loved and accepted by my parents even if no one else found me worthy. The soul and the intellect were in constant conflict due to the fact that this inconsistency had never been resolved.

    Another example: The multiple voices in the little girl’s circumstances all agreed that she was a weak and pitiful human being, that she would always have to rely on a man’s strength to be able to survive in her world. Yet people outside her childhood home didn’t appear to see her this way. Was she weak or not? Since this issue had never been resolved, she carried this inner conflict into every relationship she entered into as an adult.

    Can you see the powerful control of these unresolved issues? In order to go forth with power one must confront the inner conflict. You, dear reader, bear this responsibility – meaning a response to the conflict is required but no one has the ability to perform this personal confrontation but you. Who else has knowledge of your secret thoughts? Who else has lived and faced your particular childhood experiences other than you?

    If you get nothing else from this post, please endeavor to thoroughly comprehend this primary point. If you have “unresolved issues” from childhood, you carry “inner conflict” in your soul, your psyche. This inner conflict could be characterized as a hidden boil. The boil must first be uncovered … exposed. In order for it to heal properly, it must be lanced so that the pus can be allowed to drain. Metaphorically speaking, the exposing, lancing and draining symbolize the “confrontation”. Until this process is enacted, the hidden boil actually weakens you. It’s like a crack in your foundation that only widens and deepens with time. Consequently, the confrontation facilitates the empowerment. It really can’t be avoided.

    We’ll talk more about this process in future posts. In the meantime, choose to go forward – one step at a time – with excitement, enthusiasm and power!

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    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Pitiful or Powerful?

    In my previous post, The Three "P's" Principle, I referred to my conviction that every creative endeavor must possess an intrinsic purpose -- a reason to birth the creation.  Furthermore, I informed the reader that the  primary purpose for all of my writings is to inform and to influence.

    My particular passion is to first inform readers of my firm belief that our individual childhood experience has a uniquely powerful impact on the formation of our young psyches.  It is this same sometimes mysterious, often misunderstood psyche that we carry along with us throughout all the future stages of our a teenager, a young adult, a spouse, a parent, etc.

    This peculiar psyche formed in childhood, which most of us never actively explore in order to fully understand it, literally shapes and molds every single relationship we will encounter throughout our lives -- including the far and away most important one, the relationship we conduct with ourselves.  What you were taught to believe about yourself as a powerless, wholly-dependent-upon-an-adult little child significantly influences everything about you and what happens in your world, especially your relationships.  It is my belief that the power of this involuntary process, which forms who we will become as adults, simply cannot be overstated.

    Due to the unintentional wounding inflicted upon me in childhood by my family-of-orgin, I became a completely dysfunctional adult.  Consequently, every single relationship I embarked upon soon became extremely difficult because of all the unresolved issues that laid hidden in my psyche.

    You, the reader, may be thinking, "Well, it couldn't have been all your fault.  There was another person involved in the relationship."  Yes, certainly that statement is absolutely true.  However, the unconscious "selection process" in choosing the other person in the relationship is also dysfunctionally driven by those very  same unresolved issues from childhood.

    Allow me to use myself as an example in an effort to give my premise a "personality".  I emerged from childhood as a person who saw myself as pathetic, weak, defective, unlovable and wholly unworthy of receiving anything valuable.  To explain in detail how I got this way would require more verbiage than I can offer in a single blog post.  For now suffice to say that this totally negative self-image influenced every single choice I made in all the varied aspects of my life.  Additionally, my flawed psyche profoundly affected the way I "performed" in each role I played as an adult.  Is the picture getting any clearer? I hope so.  But, if not, please continue to follow my blog.  I'll be offering more clues to solving this "dysfunctional mystery" as I slowly progress, brush-stroke by brush-stroke, until I've fully painted this picture.

    Fortunately, the day finally dawned when I realized that the only common denominator in all my failed relationships was "me".  Imagine my surprise in the ultimate discovery that I needed to pull back and examine myself!  At the time, I had no concept of just how painfully difficult this self-examination would become.  Thankfully, however, I made a firm commitment to see it through all the way to the end of the journey before I had taken the first step.

    Metaphorically speaking, once I sat back and watched the R-rated movie of how I got where I was, I wanted to throw up my hands in defeat and give up.  Check out!  I felt I was so pitiful that there really was no hope for my future.  I might as well isolate myself and try not to injure anyone else, since I had already done enough damage to the people closest to me.

    Then I heard a popular female TV speaker who had an extremely wounded experience in childhood very similar to my own.  She was teaching about how to overcome the subsequent dysfunction when she said, "You can be pitiful or powerful ... but not both."  Wow!  Was she saying I could choose which one I wanted to be?  Of course she was.  After all, she was on TV teaching others and her childhood was even worse than mine had been.

    That's the good news ... I can choose and you can too.  I chose then and there to become powerful.  I now have a passion to share what I've learned with others.  I choose to use my painful past to inform other hurting people about childhood wounding.  And, hopefully, to influence them to seek healing, which comes from enlightenment and understanding of these unresolved issues that are still lurking in our misunderstood psyches.

    I know this post has been rather long.  However, I felt it was necessary.  I hope you found it helpful.  And, please, choose to go forth with power!

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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    The Three "P's" Principle

    As I picked up my pen to write about one of my favorite topics -- creativity --  the principle of the three "P's" immediately came to mind.  What is the Three "P's" Principle?  Well, just read on as I happily explain my premise.

    Creativity is all about activity.  It's the act of giving life to something one wishes to create.  First, all forms of creativity must be assigned a purpose.  The purpose for the creation could be derived from a multitude of functions.  When I exercise my current favorite form of creativity, which is writing, my purpose is usually to entertain, to inform or to influence.  Actually, my writing is generally driven by all three of the aforementioned purposes.  I strive to inform and influence at the same time that, hopefully, the reader is being entertained by a good ole "whodunit" crime mystery.

    Once one has determined the purpose for the creative endeavor, it must then pass the passion test.  If the creator lacks passion for the chosen purpose, the creation will most certainly lack lustre, vitality, even significance.  Creativity without passion would probably evoke nothing more than a veiled yawn as the onlooker quickly moves away to something more inspiring.

    However, if one is fully engaged by passion, the creator then steps forward with power to fulfill the purpose for his or her chosen form of creativity.  Did you see it all come together like a delicate hand slipping into a protective glove, then picking up a powerful hammer?  When purpose, passion and power come together as one, the end result could be magnificent.  Of course, intrinsic talent and/or skill would necessarily be required to create genuine magnificence.  But without the three "P's" there would be no driving force to propel one to effectively create their particular brand of creativity.  While none of us can be assured that our creation will be successful, we can all strive to produce something of significance.  Otherwise, why bother?

    What am I saying?  Or better yet, why am I writing about my personal convictions concerning creativity?  I suppose I'm doing it because I've encountered many people, who upon learning that I've recently published my first book, tell me that they would like to write a book themselves.  As a new author, I feel somewhat compelled to share my personal experience.  While I could never claim to be an authority on this subject, I can merely share parts of my unique journey from "desire" to "fulfillment".

    For me, the desire was first birthed by my purpose.  I am a woman who had been severely emotionally wounded by my childhood experience.  Until I was brought to a full awareness, which led to a deep understanding of these unhealed emotional wounds, they literally controlled my life without my knowledge.  I found myself led from one failure to the next.  Once I finally sought and found healing of these hidden unresolved issues, I found myself with a burning passion to inform other unsuspecting victims of what I had discovered.  I began to write symbolic short stories hoping to first inform and then influence other people in my circle to seek the same healing for their own wounded souls.

    Once purpose merged with passion, power gradually surfaced.  I slowly discovered that I did posses the power to overcome my doubts. . . . to push past my lack of confidence and an intense fear of rejection.  Regardless of the pitfalls, I had to at least try.  And, so I did!

    This blog site shall be used as a vessel to reach out to other aspiring authors.  By sharing some of the details of my own journey, I hope to not only inform and influence my readers, but also to inspire someone out there in cyberspace to pick up the gauntlet and go for it!

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    Saturday, August 28, 2010

    Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

    Since we are upon the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I feel I must acknowledge and highlight the meaningful part this powerful storm played in my first novel, All Rise.

    For the residents of the Gulf Coast area both in Louisiana and Mississippi, the devastation from this record-breaking hurricane had a deep impact on every one of us, regardless of whether we experienced severe property damage or not. Unfortunately, everything I’ve seen on television this past week focuses on New Orleans, particularly the failed rescue attempts, the debacle at the Superdome and the tragedy of the 9th Ward.

    While these dreadful situations did exist, there’s a whole lot more to the mournful story of the Gulf Coast devastation than just the New Orleans area. The North Shore (Slidell, Covington, Mandeville and Lacombe) of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana experienced the same life-threatening flood waters as New Orleans. Also, the Mississippi Gulf Coast region (too many towns to name) literally lost entire cities or neighborhoods to the tidal-wave surge waters of Hurricane Katrina. The accounts of these devastated areas should be told with the same heart-felt emotions as the poignant tales of New Orleans residents’ experiences.

    In my novel, All Rise, the reader will learn a little about what it was like to live in these less publicized areas during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As the reader follows the daily activities in the lives of the victim and the accused while the high-profile trial unfolds, he or she will be able to glimpse into the behind-the-scenes moments of, not only the main characters, but also many others living in the area. Hopefully, the reader will come away with a more realistic understanding of what it was like for all the Gulf Coast residents of both Louisiana and Mississippi to live through the aftermath of the most powerful hurricane in U.S. history. May I just say, it brought out the best as well as the worst in all the people living in the area.

    In conclusion, the reader should recognize and understand the fact that this fictional story was written by someone who actually lived in the area and personally experienced what the novel reveals concerning the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. At that time, my husband and myself owned a newly-built home in Lacombe, Louisiana as well as an established cattle ranch in the Picayune area of Mississippi. Additionally, my mother-in-law lived in Slidell, Louisiana where her home contained eight feet of flood waters for several days. I could go on with many more sad tales of our family’s personal experiences but I won’t. Suffice to say, I know of which I write in All Rise. I hope you’ll read it.

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Write What You Know

    One thing the reader of my novels may not know is that I use my painful past experiences and embarrassing personal failures in all my writing. When I first made the decision to become an author, I began to hear the phrase, “write what you know”. Once I seriously reflected upon this instruction it seemed variations of this admonition began to present themselves to my awareness every where I turned. Slowly I learned that if one desires to write effectively, one can only write about things she or he knows. Also, to continue to write one must continue to learn … to experience.

    I read somewhere recently that there is a significant difference between the following two statements: write what you know and know what you write. The first statement is actually much wiser than the second. If one knows about something from personal experience, she will be able to write in a way that communicates the real and sometimes raw emotions involved in that particular experience. However, if one attempts to first learn about something in order to be able to then write about it, the story would probably lack authenticity.

    My first novel, All Rise, is a fictional account of a crime mystery. While the crime itself is purely a product of my imagination, the emotional experiences of the victim, as well as the perpetrator, are genuinely my own.

    Probably we’ve all heard the old saying, “Failure is the best teacher.” I’ve come to fully and passionately embrace this premise. I’ve learned more from my failures than anything else. And, I’ve already experienced so many different types of failure that it’s very likely I’ve learned enough to teach a college course on the subject! All kidding aside, what I’ve learned from my many failures is truly the driving force behind my writing. I passionately desire to share what I’ve learned with my reader.

    Currently, I’m approximately half-way through writing my second crime-mystery novel. As I go about weaving together the overall concept with the details of the storyline, I’ve come to discover that my second novel more clearly reveals the emotional pain involved with my past experiences than my first novel. When I read over what I’ve written I feel utterly exposed.

    Sometimes I have to fight the overwhelming urge to hit the delete button on my keyboard and remove whole pages of my story. What stops me from doing just that is the conviction that the authenticity of what I’ve written may help someone who happens to read my book. My sincere hope is that my novels will not only entertain the reading public, but perhaps a particular reader will also come away with a better understanding of how to overcome a painful emotional experience in his or her own life.

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    My First Royalty Check!

    Today I’ll deposit my very first royalty check for my premiere novel, All Rise. Tate Publishing distributes royalty checks once each quarter. Since my book was released only three months ago, this would have been my first opportunity to receive any royalties.

    I fully expected that I would NOT receive any monies for the first quarter. However, I was wonderfully surprised. Granted, it was quite small … but it’s a check! And, since I didn’t expect to receive anything at all, this is very, very encouraging. I’m excited!

    As I’m writing this post, my TV is on, muted, in the background. A John Grisham book that was made into a movie, The Client, is dancing across the screen. I find this fact extremely interesting because, as an author, John Grisham is my role-model. I’ve always loved his books. I find they are not only well written with a suspenseful plot, but always contain a multitude of colorful characters as well. Additionally, John Grisham usually writes about Mississippi and Louisiana since this is the area where he grew up and practiced law.

    One more characteristic of his books that I model my writing upon is that all his books are “G” rated. Mr. Grisham does not include any foul language, unnecessary violence, or explicit sexual content in his stories. I like that a lot.

    My first published book, All Rise, can be given to readers of any age. Any other book I write will be held to the same strict standards. Thank you, Mr. Grisham, for setting the bar high. I’ve always admired your work and am grateful to have you as a role model.

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    All Rise Released Today!

    Today is the day I have waited for most of my adult life, even though I didn’t know I was waiting!

    I’ve always loved to read. I remember walking to the local library when I was still a little girl, checking out as many books as they would allow. I particularly loved mysteries. Always have … probably always will. Naturally, when I decided to give birth to my life-long dream of becoming an author, I chose this genre to use as my voice. As long as I spin a suspenseful story of mystery , I can include any other subject that tugs at my heart, asking to be heard.

    Currently, the topic tugging at my heart the hardest is childhood wounds. Most of us are wounded in some way in our childhoods. Even though the inflictions were probably “unintentional”, they are nonetheless damanging to our young psyches in a way we may never fully understand. However, if we don’t find a way to unearth these wounds and seek necessary healing from them, they will control and shape our lives without our knowledge.

    But enough of that for now. I hope you’ll purchase my “first” book. And, I’m hopeful that you’ll learn something useful as the mystery entertains you.